WellCat Health Center

Laboratory Updates

Laboratory Now Accepting Walk-Ins

Starting March 7th, 2022, the laboratory will allow walk-in appointments. Please note this is only applicable to the lab and not the entire WellCat Health Center. To see a provider, students will still need to make an appointment by calling 530-898-5241 prior to their visit. Students who would like to request STI testing will need to fill out and complete the online self-directed STI screening that can be found in the patient portal. For specimen tests that require a urinalysis, the lab will accept appointments until 4:30 PM. For specimens that require blood work, the lab will accept walk-ins up until 3:45 PM. 

In addition to the lab accepting walk-in appointments, all doors to the WellCat Heath Center will now be unlocked so students can come in as they wish. We will continue to have a clinic ambassador at our front door who will greet incoming students and provide directions.

Please call the WellCat Health Center at 530-898-5241 for any additional questions.