To Bill Carlson for his volunteer help with preparing the database template for use here at CSU, Chico, for initial set up of the herbarium website, and for getting the database curable on-line.

To Tom Starbuck at the UC Davis herbarium for technical help with the database and for obtaining permission from UC Davis for the UC Davis Herbarium to host the database-search portion of our website on their web server.

To the volunteers who are presently entering data for most of the new incoming specimens: Susan Bazell and Cindy Weiner.

To the students who have entered data over the years: Melanie Williams, Jane Hazen, Morgan LoRomer (who entered more records than any other person), Cat Talbot, Erica Bromberg, Anita Joule, Marcella Shuey, Michelle Cederborg, Stephanie Lopez, Jeannie Trizzino, John Rowden, and Lani Heath.

To the volunteers who have entered data over the years: Barbara Castro, Bill Carlson, Susan Bazell.

To Bill Carlson who is looking up latitude and longitude coordinates for specimens that don't have coordinates.

To our initial database committee for making the database most useful, trouble-shooting a data entry protocol, and in general getting the project off the ground: Bill Carlson, Barbara Castro, Lawrence Janeway, with occasional technical help from Ann Willyard.

To an early NSF grant to Kristina Schierenbeck, the previous Herbarium Director, that funded the critical first three years of this databasing project, including coordination of student and volunteer data entry, and also doing data entry, by the curator, Lawrence Janeway.

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