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Uncle Vernon

From: Judy Ringer
Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 8:58 AM
Subject: Vernon

I just received your website and heard of the passing of my Uncle Vernon. I am the eldest daughter of his brother Walter. I was young when Vernon left for Calif and don't remember a lot about him. But it is still sad to hear of his passing. It was always nice to know he was there. The last time I remember seeing him was when his daughter was about 1 year old. A long time ago. But the memories of him I remember most are of being allowed to sleep in his room when I visited my grandmother and he wasn't there, and laying in his bed looking at all the butterflies and moths he had framed and hung around his room and listening to the clock tick that sat beside his bed. Funny the things you remember. I found your website very informative. Lots I didn't know about him. I'm glad he had so many good friends. That alone speaks a lot about him. Thanks for giving me more to remember.

Judy Oswald Ringer—Niece