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While Vern Oswald was working on his various published floras, especially "Manual of the Vascular Plants of Butte County, California" (California Native Plant Society, 1994) and " Selected Plants of Northern California and Adjacent Nevada" (Studies from the Herbarium, 2002, published posthumously), he produced various florulae (annotated checklists of the plants of wildlife areas, preserves, interesting private properties, etc around northern California) to help with the process. Vern updated these florulae shortly after The Jepson Manual I was published in 1993, to match the Jepson nomenclature. Vern then made these florulae available to interested groups and individuals for their use, and, with some of them, to be reprinted and sold for a while by the Mt. Lassen Chapter CNPS. These florulae are still useful to botanists and naturalists in northern California and are now being made available here in pdf format. [These are all of the florulae that I know about, except for one on a private ranch that I did not list here. If you have another florula not listed I would like to know, and if possible include it here. Thanks. —Lawrence Janeway