College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Meet the Faculty

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts is proud of the intense interaction you will find between our faculty and students. We have:
  • a wide range of teaching styles including lectures, collaborating group work, independent projects, and discussion groups
  • active poets, playwrights, and writers teaching, publishing, and reading their work and encouraging students to do the same
  • directors and designers working with students in a highly charged theatrical community
  • scholars who are essayists, biographers, best-selling textbook authors, and chroniclers of a hundred famous places and periods
  • professors from music, history, and religious studies debating and writing on the role of popular music in American culture
  • art historians and studio artists working side-by-side with students in great facilities
  • faculty in English, art, music, and religious studies directly connected to public schools.

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