College Of Humanities and Fine Arts

Sarah Gagnebin

Beginning in the fall of 2014, I have been teaching a section of Religious Studies 264 (Death, Dying, and the Afterlife).  I have also served as a guest lecturer in the courses of my colleagues, including “Religion and Social Institutions” and “Religion and Film: Secret Societies and the Occult.

I grew up in Chico and attended Chico State as a student in the Humanities and Religious Studies departments. I received my MA and M.Div. degrees in Psychology and Religion through the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley Ca., and subsequently spent three years working in the hospice and hospital systems serving as a Chaplain to a religiously and culturally diverse range of patients. In addition to my work with patients and families, I provide workshops and presentations aimed at encouraging and increasing responsible hospice/pastoral care to those within minority religions and cultures. Correlate to this work, and inspired by the populations that I serve, I have a continued interest in environmental influences on hospital/hospice care, as well as the therapeutic implications of engagement with the natural environment.

Portrait of Sarah Gagnebin