College Of Humanities and Fine Arts

Nathaniel Heggins Bryant

Prison Writing, Working-Class Studies, Critical Race Studies, and Multiethnic American and World Literature

I'm a military brat but I call Virginia and North Carolina home. I work in American literature and film and regularly teach both, usually using those classes to examine social justice issues concerning prison writing, working-class studies, critical race studies, and multiethnic American and world literature (particularly science fiction). I have published articles on the Soledad Brother George Jackson; Caryl Chessman; and the early Soviet film director Lev Kuleshov and his film By the Law, an adaptation of a Jack London short story. I’m currently working on a paper examining ecological concerns in Hiyao Miyazaki’s anime and manga series Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and a project tracing out the genealogy of ‘green’ metal music. In my spare time, I enjoy reading comic books and graphic novels, playing video games (especially Bethesda titles), going to the movies, and exploring California.

Portrait of Nathaniel Heggins Bryant