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Kim Jaxon

Theories of Literacy, Digital Literacies, Participation, Classroom Design, Game Theories, and Teacher Education

Kim Jaxon is an Associate Professor of English (Composition & Literacy) at California State University, Chico. She received her Ph.D. at UC, Berkeley in the Language & Literacy, Society & Culture program in the Graduate School of Education. Her research interests focus on theories of literacy, particularly digital literacies, participation, classroom design, game theories, and teacher education. In her research and teaching, she uses a variety of digital platforms and considers the affordances in terms of student learning and participation. She has published a variety of book chapters and articles focused on classroom design, mentoring, and the uses of digital tools.

With support from a National Science Foundation grant, Jaxon’s recent project is a collaboration across disciplines, co-teaching and researching in an upper-division science class for future teachers with colleagues from Biology and Physics. Their research pays particular attention to the ways in which multimodal composing—informal science notebooks, diagrams on whiteboards, images shared online, and conversations around these inscriptions—model and reflect the composing practices of scientists. Their book, Composing Science: A Facilitator's Guide to Writing in the Science Classroom(opens in new window) (TC Press, Oct 2016), provides concrete approaches for engaging students in practices that mirror the work that writing plays in the development and dissemination of scientific ideas. 

Jaxon is also a curator for the website, Digital Is, hosted by the National Writing Project with funding from the MacArthur Foundation. The site provides a range of support for educators interested in digital literacy and the use of technology in their classrooms. Kim was recently awarded the Teacher of Excellence-College Award by the California Association of Teachers of English.  She’s also a gamer and a self-proclaimed geek.

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Portrait of Kim Jaxon