College Of Humanities and Fine Arts

Susanna Boxall

Lecturer - M.A. California State University, Chico

Susanna Flavia Boxall is a SoCal native. Despite most educated guesses about her accent, she was not raised in Russia, Germany, Poland or somewhere in Scandinavia, but in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 19 she headed north to fulfill her dream of living in her native country. Shortly after arriving in Chico in August of 2000, she fell in love with the town, the university and its cycling culture.

At Chico State, she studied Philosophy and Religious Studies, and graduated with a 4.0 average - the highest of her graduating class. Despite keeping her nose buried in Philosophy texts for four years, she found enough time to develop a healthy obsession with endurance sports and indoor cycling, and for six years she worked as an indoor cycling instructor at a few of Chico's health clubs. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she was accepted to Duke University to pursue a doctorate in Philosophy. She endured North Carolina's southern charm, humidity and boiled peanuts for 18 months. Eventually, she returned to Chico to complete her M.A. in ethical studies with the hopes of obtaining a lecturer position in the Philosophy Department.

In 2013, her dream of working for her alma mater was granted, and she began teaching courses in Philosophy (Introduction to Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking, Philosophy of Race, Health Ethics, Moral Issues in Parenting, Latin American Philosophy), Religion (Women and Religion) and the Humanities (Great Books and Ideas: Freedom, Art and Ideas: Modern). Her main areas of interest are Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Race. For the last 16 years she has been an active participant in the Ethics Bowl, a nationwide student competition on applied ethics sponsored by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, and has served as a team member, coach, organizer, case writer, and writing committee chair.

In addition to teaching, Susanna is a firm believer in the power of collective action and is currently serving her second 2-year term as lecturer representative for the local chapter of CFA (California Faculty Association). In the past she has also been the chapter’s social media coordinator and membership committee chair.

For many years Susanna was also involved with KCHO/North State Public Radio, Chico's NPR affiliate. She began her radio career as the office coordinator and later became a board operator and news anchor. She also produced and hosted a late-night music show, From the Muddy Banks of the Chico Creek, until February of 2016.

When she's not educating the youth on the importance of living a well-examined life, she enjoys watching 90s TV shows, cooking vegan meals, racing triathlons, hiking, playing guitar, quilting, cleaning cages at the local cat shelter, and going to concerts. She lives with her husband and her kitties, Kitten Gutz and Baby Bear, in Chico.

Portrait of Susanna Boxall