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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Aldo Perez

Where are you from?

I am from Lodi, CA.

When are you expecting to graduate?

I am expected to graduate Spring 2022.

What’s your major (and minor, if applicable)?

I am double majoring in Philosophy and Applied Mathematics.

What’s it like to be a student at Chico State?

Being a student at Chico State has been an incredible experience. The campus is beautiful and the classrooms (for the most part) are small. I can consistently and easily receive one-on-one time with all of my professors. They are even willing to make time outside of class and outside of their office hours if I ever need extra help.

How do you like living in Chico?

Living in Chico is fun and affordable. The campus and my apartment are both very close to downtown Chico. I am also within walking distance of almost all of my friends who live in apartments/houses.

What’s been your favorite class at Chico State and why?

My favorite class at Chico State has been Metaphysics with Professor Wong. The class was quite eye opening and it was an extremely fun and interesting class. If you are interested in concepts such as time, identity, and free will I highly recommend taking this class! When I took it we had less than 10 students so the class was full of interesting discussions and the professor even sat at the table with us as opposed to being a typical lecturer.

What would be your most important advice for incoming freshman?

 If I could give a single piece of advice to an incoming freshman I would simply tell them to take classes that they think they will enjoy. If you are a physics major take a philosophy course. If you are a mathematics major take an art class. College is not simply about getting your degree as fast as possible. It is also about learning a wide range of skills and expanding one's creative process. Enjoy your time and do not simply "tunnel vision" your way to a degree.

What do you plan on doing when you graduate from Chico State?

 I plan on going to graduate school after I graduate from Chico State. I am not sure exactly what I wish to continue studying but I am confident it will have something to do with philosophy, mathematics, or mathematical logic.