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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Dorthy Stone

1. Where are you from?

I’m from San Jose, CA. Despite being born there, I actually went to school on the weekdays in Stockton from kindergarten to third grade.

2. When are you expecting to graduate?

I will be graduating in Spring 2020!

3. What’s your major (and minor, if applicable)?

I am an English Major with an Option in Education and minors in German and Linguistics. In other words, I always have a full schedule!

4. What’s it like to be a student at Chico State?

College campuses gather a wide array of personalities. I’ve met a number of people from different backgrounds, each of whom brings a unique perspective to the conversation, and the faculty are very friendly and supportive. Chico State has also given me ample opportunity to become a leader in my community, allowing me to volunteer, tutor, and represent my fellow students, helping me to build a network of people I can rely on both now and in the future.

5. Can you tell me a bit more about any other organizations or programs you're involved in on campus?

In the past, I’ve volunteered with the Hub and both participated in and helped facilitate LeadCat, a program that encourages incoming students to get involved on campus. Currently, I am an officer in the Chico State chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the national English Honor Society. I am also Assistant Director of the ESL Support Services, where I tutor emergent bilinguals and heritage speakers.

6. How do you like living in Chico?

My favorite thing about Chico is how green it is. I love being surrounded by all the trees and being able to see them change with the seasons. It’s fun to be out and about, but I was also surprised by how friendly the locals are – they always say hi as they pass by!

7. What would be your most important advice for incoming freshman?

My advice is always to manage your time. While college may be fresh and exciting, you’re ultimately here to learn, and that can be hard to balance with your newfound freedom.

8. What do you plan on doing when you graduate from Chico State?

My next step is to enroll in the English master’s program at Illinois State University. I’m excited to study cultural rhetoric and eventually become a professor.

Head shot of Ambassador Dorthy Stone