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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Leif K. Bramer

Music and Theatre Department  

Major: I am majoring with a BA in Musical Theatre and a minor in Dance,

Hometown: I am from Clovis, California 

When are you expecting to graduate?   

I am all set to graduate in Spring of 2021 

What’s it like to be a student at Chico State?   

Being a student at Chico State, speaking solely from personal experience and secondhand accounts, I have found that CA State University, Chico is committed to your success and they want what’s best for your personal growth in your studies. Not only do they want your success academically, but the staff and college/department heads, as well as all people who work for the university, want to see that fundamental growth in your personal life and well-being as a human as well. 

How do you like living in Chico?   

My experience living in Chico is like living in a special and alternate realm, away from anything you’re used to. The community is a wonderful and open-minded group of very diverse and free-thinking people. The town, sights, landmarks, and nature are marvelous as well! I like to explain it as follows: It’s a taste of “home” while still being far away enough from your hometown to develop the essential skills that adulthood requires. 

What’s been your favorite class at Chico State and why?   

My favorite class at Chico State so far has been Movement for Actors I & II, as a part of my Major course requirements. I really enjoyed this class because not only did I learn a lot about what it takes to survive as an actor physically, but I also learned and practiced stage combat, stamina, commedia-del-arte, and many other aspects of movement for actors. 

What would be your most important advice for incoming freshman?   

The most important advice I would give incoming freshman is to keep your mind and your heart open. Try things you have never tried before, visit places you’ve never been before, and in general use this time and experience to figure out exactly all the things you've always wanted to do. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because now is the time to make mistakes and learn and grow into a better version of yourself! 

What do you plan on doing when you graduate from Chico State?   

After graduation I plan on auditioning, developing my craft, saving money and eventually moving after I hopefully get hired (fingers crossed!)!


Leif Bramer HFA ambassador