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Comparative Religion and Humanities

The Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities is devoted to the scholarly interpretation of religion and the appreciation and analysis of cultural traditions. We provide students with a foundational education in the world’s major religious traditions as well as in cultural traditions from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Interdisciplinary study is at the heart of the work of the department. Our majors gain familiarity with methods employed in the investigation of all manner of artistic media, including literature, art and architecture, film, music, and theatre.

They also make use of the approaches of history, linguistic and textual analysis, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy to make sense of personal experiences, stories, symbols, rituals, doctrines, and social institutions.

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Degrees in Comparative Religion and Humanities


Why Choose CORH at Chico State

Experience a Fusion of Disciplines

We have innovative courses that bring disciplines together. You can cover psychology, sociology, history, philosophy and art in our courses, probably the widest variety of topics available on the campus.

Ecological Perspectives in Religion

In courses such as RELS 323 “Religion and Nature” you will understand the variety of approaches to the natural environment in different cultures and religions that will help deal with the challenges facing the world today

Inspirational Thinkers Explored

In our programs you will be inspired by the greatest thinkers in history who have started religions and other movements that changed the world. In courses like HUMN 222 “Arts and Ideas: Renaissance to the Present”, RELS 332 “World Religions and Global Issues,” HUMN 300 “Conservatives and Liberals” and RELS 306 “Roots of Judaism, Christianity and Islam” you will learn about the leadership qualities that shook the status quo and helped make the world what it is today

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities in classes like RELS 482 “Religion, Public Life and the Professions” have trained students to apply what they have learned in our classes to a variety of social justice and other important issues. Students have done internships as Death Doulas, Psychological Counsellors, Chaplains, Native American Land Claims Researchers, Soup Kitchen Assistants, Interfaith Outreach Workers, Museum Curators and more

Learning Experience

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Versatile Online Programs

In addition to our classes on the beautiful Chico campus, we provide online access to our programs in both synchronous and asynchronous formats, leading to the most flexible learning environment possible. There is no schedule we can’t accommodate.


Top-Tier Faculty, CSU Affordability

High caliber faculty educated at the best schools in the world such as Harvard, Chicago, Berkeley and Indiana. You will get the same level of instruction as you would at a highly ranked research university but at a CSU price, in smaller classrooms, and with the professors themselves teaching rather than graduate students.

CORH Values - Religion and Humanities

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Explorations in Religion and the Humanities. Produced by the Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities at California State University, Chico. We will be discussing topical issues with faculty in our program and beyond.

Student Life

Many Events and Trips

The CORH Student Society organizes many events and trips throughout the year where students can meet each other and have fun. We have gone to the Sikh Parade in Yuba City, the Chinese Temple in Oroville, the Trappist Monastery in Vina as well as having trivia games, paint parties and other events online

Personalized Support from Faculty

Our smaller programs allow for good relationships with faculty where students feel that they are a priority. You can expect the faculty to know your name and to ensure that you are given support to succeed.

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Student and Alumni Stories

Benito Gutierrez stands among campus sculpture in his Class of 2022 shirt.

From Gang Life to College Graduate: Humanities Major Aspires to Help Incarcerated Students

Incarcerated for most of his adult life until age 42, Benny Gutierrez is proud to be graduating with a degree in humanities and having founded a program for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students.

Joel Zimbelman sits in a conference room while explaining study abroad options.

Passion for Teaching Abroad Energizes New Tanzania Partnership

CSU, Chico professor Joel Zimbelman is about to embark on yet another overseas teaching voyage and launch the University's first-ever partnership with colleges in Tanzania.

Choose Chico

With one of the highest 4-year graduation rates in the CSU system and lowest average student debt amounts in the country, Chico State offers one of the nation’s highest returns on investment.

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