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Philosophy majors address the fundamental questions by developing foundational cognitive skills. They learn to question the things most people take for granted and they learn how to go about pursuing the answers to those questions.

The great virtue of philosophy is that it teaches not what to think, but how to think. Because of this, a philosophical education is a valuable foundation for just about any career and just about any sort of life.

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Degrees in Philosophy


Why Choose Philosophy at Chico State

Modern Courses Applying Timeless Wisdom

Course options include traditional subjects and courses that apply the time-tested wisdom of philosophy to the latest developments in society, preparing students for emerging future.

Courses You Can Take:

Artificial Intelligence

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence promises to transform our lives. This course explores the profound ethical issues posed by this technology.

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece: A majestic ancient temple atop the Acropolis hill, showcasing Greek architectural brilliance.

History of Ancient Philosophy
Western philosophical thought from the pre-Socratics through Stoicism, including movements and figures such as Pythagoreanism, Plato, and Aristotle.

Jobs at Firms like Google & Oracle

Recent alumni have used the analytical skills they developed studying philosophy at Chico State to develop careers such as program manager and software developer at leading Silicon Valley firms like Google, Oracle and Indeed.

Alumni at Notable Law Schools

Rigorous training in logic leads Philosophy majors to score exceptionally well on the Law School Admissions Test. Alumni have earned spots in law schools including UC Law San Francisco McGeorge School of the Law, Santa Clara Law, and Loyola Law.

Learning Experience

Students in philosophy class

Interactive Class Discussions

Most courses for the Philosophy major are seminars with around 15 students, allowing for rich and extended interactions.

Philosophy faculty member

PhD-Powered Education

Students are taught directly by professors with PhDs from top programs like Princeton, Columbia, and UC Berkeley.

Student Life

Weekly Events

Weekly “Tea & Talk” gatherings provide an informal venue for students to connect with each other and Philosophy faculty, forming a tight-knit community that supports student success.

Student Clubs

Philosophy students find opportunity for connection outside the classroom by joining Phi Sigma Tau, the student philosophy club.

Student and Alumni Stories

Portrait of Diego Yepez.

Ivy League Inspiration

Double-majoring in math and philosophy, first-generation student Diego Yepez highlights three Chico State professors as beacons of inspiration that led to his honored acceptance into Harvard.

Katia Samoilova talks at a table filled with video game controllers with video g

New Class Explores Philosophy Through Video Games

Students experience and examine philosophers' struggles through popular entertainment form.

Philosophy: What is it good for?

Watch a panel discussion hosted by Philosophy alumna Faith Chalk.

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