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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Meet Christine Goulding, International Languages, Literatures, & Cultures Department Chair

Christine Goulding

Christine Goulding, Chico State’s recently appointed International Languages, Literatures, & Cultures (ILLC) Department Chair, is from Maine. She received her undergraduate degree from Colby College and attended Penn State for her Master’s degree as well as her PhD. Christine decided to teach at Chico State because she fell in love with the campus during a tour for her faculty interview.

When Christine talked about why she loves teaching at Chico State, her eyes lit up, she loves having so many first generation students who were previously unexposed to all of the opportunities they now have. “It’s wonderful to see how they blossom, I myself am a first gen student and got opportunities I wouldn't have been able to without attending college”.

As a college student, Christine traveled on a plane for the first time when she studied abroad, something she was able to do five times throughout her college career.

When asked what she would like students to know about her department, she explained that she believes the knowledge of a foreign language is undervalued and extremely necessary for people in today’s world. There are many international opportunities in the Chico area and Christine wants people to know that the knowledge of a foreign language can expand job opportunities and provides opportunities for personal connections to other cultures. She also believes that knowledge of a foreign language can foster a deeper understanding as to why other cultures think the way they do.

Christine spends her free time hanging out with her kids and husband, hiking and traveling. Because Christine is the Department Chair, she is only teaching one class this semester: German Composition and Conversation.

The ILLC department hosts a number of weekly conversation hours throughout the semester including German, French, Arabic and Spanish (the department plans to add Italian next semester). Conversation hours are completely FREE and are open to Chico State students, Butte College students and community members.

To learn more about ILLC, visit the department website.

-- words by Delila Solomon, PR Intern, College of Humanities and Fine Arts