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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Kim Jaxon, Outstanding Teacher

Kim Jaxon, one of our English professors here at Chico State, is the latest recipient of our Outstanding Teacher Award for the 2019-2020 school year. Each year, certain faculty members are highlighted by our Outstanding Faculty Awards to recognize their efforts inside and outside of the classroom. “I felt completely humbled by this award,” said Jaxon. 

Always trying to foster a sense of community within her classroom, Jaxon has made sure to spend a lot of time checking in with her students during these uncertain times. She makes sure that her students feel heard and supported. Though she has taught online for the past 15 years, she feels that this year has been different. “It really feels more like trauma-informed teaching since we have so many students who are impacted by COVID, the loss of jobs or housing, and are impacted by wildfires raging throughout California,” said Jaxon. “In some ways, the online move made it possible to continue to teach and support students as we all struggle with so many challenging events.”

On top of her work with her students via virtual classroom, Jaxon is currently co-directing the Northern California Writing Project. This project is a professional development organization that is devoted to improving the teaching of writing in our service region. Jaxon has worked with other teachers around the area to launch a series of blogs called Dispatches. These blogs give teachers a chance to share their stories of teaching in the now and will represent all grade levels from elementary to college. 

Jaxon continues to strive for excellence in teaching and learning. “I'm always thinking about how I can design better courses, assignments, and activities,” said Jaxon. “It does feel good to have a moment where someone says ‘Hey, you're doing alright.’" 

Jaxon received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from Chico State and is a respected writer and speaker. She holds a doctorate in education from University of California, Berkeley. 

-- words by Courtney Chapman, PR Intern, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

professor Kim Jaxon with her students