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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Trevor Lalaguna, Outstanding Lecturer

The Outstanding Lecturer Award for the 2019-2020 school year goes to Trevor Lalaguna, a professor in our very own Art and Art History department. Looking back on receiving the award this past March, Lalaguna reminisced that it felt like a surprise birthday party. “It was one of these ultra-flattering moments,” said Lalaguna. “I wanted to throw up and cry at the same time.”

The switch from in-person to virtual schooling has been a struggle for many of those trying to learn and teach arts in these trying times. “For someone who is getting an education right now, I want to be giving them the best education I can right now,” said Lalaguna. He makes sure to do every project along with his students and wants to help his students set themselves up for success. “I took online teaching as an assignment for myself,” said Lalaguna. 

Always trying to bring something new to his Zoom rectangle, Lalaguna provides an engaging and interactive environment for his students. Even before COVID-19, Lalaguna was able to provide his students with a unique experience in engaging the community. An example of this was having his students help design archways for the Museum of Northern California Art (monca). While not being able to implement his Step Into Figures program due to the pandemic, Lalaguna has implemented an introspective version into one of his classes where students draw other students in the class. Even though the class community is spread out, he is still able to provide that community through similar projects. 

Lalaguna has contributed so much to the college since becoming a lecturer in 2011. He has served on multiple committees in his department and leaves a lasting impact on students in his classes. Having received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts before becoming a professor, Lalaguna is a proud Chico State Alum. 

-- words by Courtney Chapman, PR Intern, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

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