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Daniel Crispino: How one Wildcat can "Do And Dare"

Daniel Crispino holding his clarinet

Daniel Crispino
Senior, Music Education

When Daniel holds his clarinet to his lips—whether in practice or performance for the Chico State Choir, Wind Ensemble, or Jazz Band—his mind embraces an escape. Even if only momentarily, he lets go of the stressors and the musings of college life to relish the sound and feel of the music. An aspiring music teacher, he dreams to share that sensation with his students one day. Even if they don’t become professional or hobbyist musicians, learning to play an instrument is about taking risks and discovering your passions in the process. Whether giving a tour for Orientation or mentoring fellow first-generation students, “try new things” is Daniel’s favorite refrain because he knows firsthand what being curious can accomplish.

-excerpt from Wildcats Do And Dare, Chico State Today, November 19, 2021