College of Humanities & Fine Arts

BFA in Art


The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional degree program providing directed studies in eight studio concentrations and interior architecture. Entry to the program is by portfolio review, usually in the junior year. The program is designed for students seeking in-depth preparation for entry to the visual arts profession, as well as competing at the highest level for entrance to graduate programs.


Our BFA program prepares students for a professional career in art, or continued study at the Masters level, by encouraging exploration and fostering the development of an individual vision through skill-building and creating. This is achieved through a curriculum that teaches practical, historical, and theoretical knowledge, provides individual and group mentoring from a diverse faculty, and culminates in a solo exhibition that enriches the culture of the CSU Chico campus and the local community.

Goals & Objectives

  • For our students to understand the foundation principles of art and/or design.
    • In Art Studio this takes the form of design concepts.
    • In Digital Media this takes the form understanding the relationships between design, media, aesthetics and content.
    • In Interior Architecture this is simply an awareness of basic artistic theories and practices.
  • For our students to have the ability to discuss artwork relative to conceptual and historical concepts.
    • In Art Studio and Digital Media this can happen to varying degrees in oral, written and/or visual formats.
    • In Interior Architecture this includes understanding design theories as related to human needs and constraints, design history and cross-cultural design.
  • For our students to understand and utilize the characteristics of their chosen media.
    • In Art Studio this includes the development of conceptual and technical skills in one or more media as they relate to personal expression.
    • In Interior Architecture this includes the ability to further design strategies; including programming, use of fabrication materials and solving design solutions in architectural environments.
  • For our students to develop their creativity as used for personal expression.
    • In Art Studio and Digital Media this includes in-depth use of creative expression in one or more media.
  • For our students to be prepared for professions and/or further study in the visual arts or interior design.

Learning Outcomes

Applies to Each Option

  1. Demonstrates understanding of art/design foundations
  2. Demonstrates ability to discuss artwork relative to conceptual contexts
  3. Demonstrates ability to discuss artwork relative to historical contexts
  4. Demonstrates skill specific to choices of media
  5. Demonstrates skill specific to intended personal expression
  6. Demonstrates professional preparedness for the field.