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An Invitation From Dean Butts

Tracy Butts, Dean HFA

Greetings HFA Wildcats! 

Seeing students embark on a new academic journey always leaves me feeling a little nostalgic about the students and classes I have taught and my own experiences as a college student. As much as the university is about pursuing a career path, it is also about one’s personal development and investing in oneself. Here we are afforded the opportunity to explore new ideas, nurture existing passions and cultivate new ones, embrace who we are and/or want to become, and gain a better understanding of the world we inhabit as well as our rights and responsibilities as citizens. For many students, college is the first time in their lives when they obtain a room of their own and space to focus on themselves. It is also the place where we will meet lifelong friends. Each semester brings the promise of a fresh start. 

As a college student, your major department is part of a constellation of departments all housed within a college. The College of Humanities and Fine Arts (or, H-F-A as we are referred to here at Chico State) comprises seven academic departments: Art and Art History, Comparative Religion and Humanities, English, History, Languages and Cultures, Music and Theatre, and Philosophy. I encourage you to get connected; meet faculty, staff, and students in your prospective major; learn about the exciting curricular, co-curricular, and pre-professional activities in store for you in both your department as well as the college; and familiarize yourself with resources and forms of support available to you as a student majoring in a discipline in the arts and humanities, such as the HFA Success Studio, HFA Student Ambassador Program, and HFA Scholarships and Awards.      

Consider joining us and taking the first steps by contacting the Office of Admissions to schedule a tour at your convenience. You will have an opportunity to see our beautiful campus, tour facilities, and meet the people who make the College of Humanities and Fine Arts an incredible place.


Tracy R. Butts, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Professor of American and African American Literature

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The College of Humanities and Fine Arts is home to seven academic departments that explore the arts, philosophies, languages, religions, literatures and histories of diverse cultures.

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Our HFA Student Ambassadors and academic advisors in the HFA Success Studio are all part of the support network that you can start to build now and will continue to be with you throughout your journey as an HFA Wildcat. Ambassadors and advisors can help you learn more about the University, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, our academic departments, and much more during your time at Chico State. Reach out and connect with us!

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Patrice Berry and Dean Butts