History Department


The History Department has five Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).  We are committed to the implementation and maintenance of a system of evaluation that will provide an effective framework for faculty to make intelligent and informed judgments about the strength and direction of the Bachelor of Arts program in History. The steps outlined below seek to provide a coherent process for assessment of student performance in achieving the program’s learning outcomes to ensure continued improvement of instructional efforts and innovation in instruction processes.

1. HIST 300W (Historical Methods and Methodology) and HIST 490 (Senior Seminar: Historical Writing and Research): ​​Every semester, instructors of all sections of HIST 300W and 490 assess the level of student mastery of the Student Learning Outcome (SLO) that the department assessment coordinator has designated for evaluation. Each instructor will decide on the methods for evaluation in this process.  A comparison of assessment results of these two classes - taken by majors at the beginning and end of their program - indicates whether the program furthers student success in each area.

2. Exit survey:  ​​Each graduating senior is invited to complete a questionnaire assessing the effectiveness of the program in achieving its goals. 

3. Assessment Coordinator: At the end of each semester, the department's assessment coordinator compiles assessment data from HIST 300W, HIST 490, and the exit survey.  This data is shared with the department, with the college, and with the university.

​​4. Clio Seminar:  Each spring, faculty meet to discuss assessment results, and share strategies to improve student learning throughout the major.