History Department


Most general questions regarding the History Department’s General History Option can be answered on this website. However, any specific questions you might have about the program should be directed to one of the department’s General History Option advisors. 

Before you enroll for classes for the upcoming semester, you are required to meet with a History advisor. If you are in the Social Science Pre-Credential Option, you will confer with Professor Jeff Livingston; all General Option majors will be assigned to other members of the History faculty. During the fifth week of the semester, you will receive an email from the History Department office that will contain a link to a Google Docs sheet. Click on the link to make an appointment with your advisor during their office hours. We have found that mandatory advising helps students take the right classes in the right sequence and thereby helps students graduate sooner. Your advisor might also discuss career and graduate school possibilities, a second major or minor, and/or Study Abroad options. 

Link to Pre-Credential Academic Advising:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D50X8tDOyUhLxk_i8RGAvuIe38_y06sJ-eqPCp-PqtU/edit?usp=sharing (Google Sheet)

Link to General History Academic Advising:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UUEZkxeFrl5nEnnzTzKvPWzkQH51nCbLYtZdik9S-vU/edit?usp=sharing (Google Sheet) 

Summer Hours

There is no university support for advising during the summer. For all other questions, you may contact the department Administrative Support Coordinator, Alyssa Danielli, at adanielli1@csuchico.edu  during June and August. The department is closed for the month of July.