History Department

Credential Programs

There are several different credential programs at CSU, Chico. Contact the Education Department (Tehama 101) or the Department of Professional Studies in Education (Tehama 401) for information about them. You may also visit the School of Education online for information about, and applications for, CSUC credential programs.

Application Deadline and Procedures

The application deadline for fall admission is March 1; the spring semester application deadline is September 15. Applications packets are available at the Education Department, the Department of Professional Studies in Education, and online. Typically, you should apply in the last semester of your senior year; however, you may apply for admission to the Single Subject Credential Program in the first semester of your senior year. If you are accepted, and if you have completed block 1, you may take courses in block 2 even before graduation. Submit your completed application to the Graduate School, Student Service Center room 440. There is a non-refundable fee of $55 for applying to the Graduate School, and an additional fee of $50 to apply to the credential program. Your application must be accompanied by official verification that you have taken the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST).

California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)

The CBEST(opens in new window) provides a general measure of basic proficiency in mathematics, reading, and writing in English. Passing the CBEST is a prerequisite for EDTE 538, a block 2 course. You should plan to take the CBEST (registration fee $41) early in the semester before you apply for admission into a credential program. Complete information is available in the Testing Office, Student Service Center room 420.

Field Experience

This credential program prerequisite (normally accomplished by taking EDTE 255) is met by taking HIST 392, a required course in your major.