History Department

Social Science Pre-Credential Option

The History Department 's Social Science Pre-Credential Option constitutes a major, one of the nine basic graduation requirements that all students must meet in order to obtain a bachelor's degree from CSU, Chico. It is closely aligned with the history-social science curriculum, spelled out in the California History-Social Science Content Standards, that middle and high school teachers are required to teach. Approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the History Department 's Social Science Pre-Credential Option provides the preparation necessary for entry into a single subject credential program, completion of which is required to qualify for a California secondary teaching credential. Students who wish to earn a credential at CSU, Chico must also complete courses that are prerequisites for the credential program, and should therefore plan their undergraduate coursework carefully. Pre-Credential programs at other institutions have different prerequisites; students planning on obtaining credentials on other campuses should check with those programs regarding prerequisites.

Students in the Social Science Pre-Credential Option are strongly advised to keep copies of all work submitted in history and social science classes, and retain the graded originals once they are returned: in order to be considered for certification as subject matter competent, you will be required in HIST 495 to submit a portfolio of your best work.

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