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Jason Nice

Jason (he/him/his) is a first-generation college graduate who joined the History faculty in 2007 after receiving a PhD in England and teaching for two years in University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. Jason leads Chico State's General Education Committee and Honors Program, and partnered with colleagues in the implementation of a new Ethnic Studies requirement (for Fall '21), and a revised GE Pathways Program and Honors Program (for Fall '22) that centers student success and equity. In 2018, Jason was recognized as Chico State's Outstanding Teacher, and in 2021 received the Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion's Behind the Scenes Award.


Most recently, Jason has started producing History as Art, and has shown his work(opens in new window) at the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, the Chico State Humanities Center, and the 1078 Gallery in Chico. In 2021, Jason co-wrote an article with Dr. Browning Neddeau "Navigating a New Ethnic Studies Requirement through Shared Governance with Integrity, Speed, and an Antiracist Lens" (forthcoming in the proceedings of The IAFOR International Conference on Education)Jason has also published articles in The English Historical Review, Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, The Catholic Historical Review,and The Welsh History Review. In 2009 he published his book Sacred History and National Identity: Comparisons between Early Modern Wales and Brittany(opens in new window).

See the Faculty Publications(opens in new window) page for information on Professor Nice's recent book.


Office Hours

jason nice

Office: Trinity 217 

Phone: (530) 898-6718

Email: jnice@csuchico.edu