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Kate Transchel


Dr. Transchel's current research focuses on sex, gender, and alcohol as forces creating an alternative culture in Leonid Brezhnev's Russia. She also is investigating the sex slave trade in Eastern Europe after World War II. Transchel is working with another Russian scholar in developing web-based modules to accompany history textbooks for classroom use in the teaching of Russian History.


Dr. Transchel is the author of Under the Influence: Working-class Drinking, Temperance, and Cultural Revolution in Russia, 1895-1932 ( University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006). She also has writtenThe Breakup of Yugoslavia: Conflict in the Balkans (Chelsea House, 2006). Her articles have appeared in The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review, The Spirit, Saratovskie vesti, and the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research Newsletter. In addition to book chapters in three scholarly anthologies and ten encyclopedia entries, Transchel has published book reviews in the Russian Review, Canadian American Slavic Studies, Slavic Review, Labor History, American Slavic Studies, and Europe-Asia Studies.


Kate Transchel's CV (PDF)

Kate Transchel


Email: ktranschel@csuchico.edu