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Eran Zelnik


Dr. Zelnik received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in 2016. A cultural historian of the early United States, his current research looks at humor to trace the rise to dominance of common white men over the Revolution, Early Republic, and Antebellum periods. The tentative title of his book project is “Republic of Mirth: Humor, Settler Colonialism, and the Making of a White Man’s Democracy, 1750-1850.”


"Yankees, Doodles, Fops, and Cuckolds: Compromised Manhood and Provincialism in the Revolutionary Period, 1740-1781" Early American Studies, 16:3 (Summer, 2018), 514-544.

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Office: Trinity 213

Phone: 530-898-4760

Email: eazelnik@csuchico.edu