University Honors Program

Honors Program

  • Summer O: Apply to join the Honors Program

    Since space is limited, please apply to join the Honors Program before your Summer Orientation day. However, if you only learn about the Honors Program on the day of Summer Orientation, you are still welcome to apply to join the Honors Program (if space is still available).

    On the day of Summer Orientation:

    • If you apply by noon, you can register for Honors courses during your afternoon advising sessions.
    • If you apply after noon, you can register for Honors courses the day after your orientation until 11:59pm.
  • Summer O: Freshmen Course Registration

    For Fall 24, Freshmen should enroll in one of the following GE courses (more information about course topics):

    • HNRS 100 Communication and Social Change (GE Area A1)
    • HNRS 101 Arts (GE Area C1)
    • HNRS 102W Humanities (GE Area C2)

    Unless required for your major or program, please do not register for a non-Honors General Education (GE) course in the following areas (you will complete these GE areas with HNRS courses):

    • A1 - Oral Communication (HNRS 100)
    • C1 - Arts (HNRS 101)
    • C2 - Humanities (HNRS 102W)
    • B1 - Physical Sciences (HNRS 103)
    • F - Ethnic Studies (HNRS 300)
    • UD-B - Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning (HNRS 350)
    • UD-C - Arts and Humanities (HNRS 391W or HNRS 392)
    • UD-D - Social Sciences (HNRS 390 or HNRS 393)

    For your schedule planning, HNRS 100, HNRS 101, HNRS 102W, and HNRS 103 will be offered in Spring 25.

  • Summer O: Transfer Course Registration

    For Fall 24, transfer students may enroll in HNRS 350 Multidisciplinary Science (GE Area upper-division B) or HNRS 392 Leadership, Power, and Change (GE Area upper-division C, online). More information about course topics

    If these courses become full, please do not register for a non-HNRS upper-division GE course, unless it is required for your major. We will offer HNRS 350 (GE Area upper-division B) in Spring 25, and you can complete GE Areas upper-division C and D in Fall 25 and Spring 26. 

    Important: Honors Program students do not complete upper-division GE in a "Pathway." Instead, the completion of upper-division Honors courses will fulfill the university "Pathway" requirement.

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