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University Honors Program

Honors Capstone

Thesis or Creative Project

Honors 399W is a ONE YEAR LONG course, 3 units per semester. Fall Semester is primarily a reading and research semester, Spring Semester is devoted to writing and preparation for your presentation.

The course is FALL START ONLY. This means if you plan to Study Abroad, you will want to do so prior to your Senior Year. Thesis projects cannot be supervised overseas.

Your senior THESIS or CREATIVE PROJECT will be an exciting, imaginative, in-depth, interdisciplinary investigation into a subject or subjects that fascinate and sustain you. It will be an integrated compendium of research, readings, ideas, and first-hand fieldwork. You will become a campus expert on your subject of study!

Three options for the Honors Thesis or Creative Project

  1. An in-depth research paper of 30+ pages, including interviews and primary research
  2. A creative project, such as the writing of a play/novella, production of a theatre piece or musical performance, artistic creation, or web-based design
  3. Honors in the Major substitution (you will need to qualify for Honors in the Major if you wish to pursue this option). Students who pursue this option would not enroll in HNRS 399W. For more information about this option, contact the Honors Program Director.

Past Theses and Creative Projects