University Honors Program

Pre-Fall 2022 Honors Courses

Students who took an HNRS course before Fall 2022 may contact Graduation Advising to request that the course fulfill one of the possible GE Areas assigned to each course. 

HNRS 200CW: A2, C1, or C2

HNRS 200DW: A2, D1, or D2

HNRS 200EW: A2, or E

HNRS 201W: A2, C1, C2, or E

HNRS 202: B1, B2, C2, or E

HNRS 203W: A2, C2, D1, D2, or E

HNRS 204: A3, C2, D1, D2, or E

HNRS 320W: UD-B or UD-C

HNRS 330W: UD-B or UD-D

HNRS 340W: UD-C or UD-D