University Honors Program

Honors Thesis

What you need to know!

Honors 399Z is a ONE YEAR LONG course, 3 units per semester. Fall Semester is primarily a reading and research semester, Spring Semester is devoted to writing and preparation for your presentation.

The course is FALL START ONLY. This means if you plan to Study Abroad, you will want to do so prior to your Senior Year. Thesis projects cannot be supervised overseas.

Your senior THESIS will be an exciting, imaginative, in-depth, interdisciplinary investigation into a subject or subjects that fascinate and sustain you. It will be an integrated compendium of research, readings, ideas, and first-hand fieldwork. You will become a campus expert on your subject of study!

There are three options for the Honors Thesis Questions? Contact Heather Altfeld in Honors, for an appointment.
  1. An in-depth research paper of 30+ pages, including interviews and primary research
  2. A creative project, such as the writing of a play/novella, production of a theatre piece or musical performance, artistic creation, or web-based design
  3. An HIM (Honors in the Major) substitution (you will need to qualify for HIM if you wish to pursue this option)

Abstracts from Former Students

Alina Tichinin: An Isotopic Exploration of Diet and Disease in Early Modern Latvia

  • Using stable isotope analysis of bone collagen to determine dietary protein consumption, this project looks at the relationship between diet and disease in a small sample population from 17th century Jekabpils, Latvia.  The hypothesis under consideration is that children exhibiting signs of disease will show different dietary habits than those who do not.

Jon Williams: The Aesthetics of Hate: A Rhetorical Analysis of National Socialist Black Metal

  • This thesis is an examination of a form of neo-Nazi music dubbed National Socialist black metal (NSBM) through rhetorical theory. A case study of a representative band offers an opportunity to analyze how this group - and the culture they represent - furthers neo-Nazi ideologies and supports far-right political movements.

Carlos Rivera: Romantic Era Representational Musical Art as Seen Through the Work of Mauro Giuliani

  • My thesis will give an overview of the Romantic Era, particularly it’s art and the unique characteristics of social thought that affected the art from this time. I will segue from this and discuss musical form, and the philosophy of musical analysis. Then I will continue on to discuss Mauro Giuliani and why I’m analyzing his work. The bulk of my presentation will be my formal analysis of the music and how it uses common musical devices in an uncommon manner to form representational art.

Breyer Conroy: The Human Typo

  • This project provides a synthesized understanding of the technological, ethical, and regulatory influences, along with the consumer benefits and consequences of the possible genetic modification of humans using CRISPR/Cas-9. It examines the past attempts at genetic control, influence of various stakeholders on the progression of the technology, analyzes the ethical objections and obligations, polls public opinion through original research, and recognizes the limitations and risks associated with CRISPR gene editing.

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