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  • How do I contact you?

    During the academic year our office hours are Monday–Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. During the summer we are open 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday; we are closed on Fridays. If you are in town, please stop by or give us a call at 1-800-730-4243 or  1-530-898-6325. We are also available by email at

  • Can I Take A Tour?

    We offer tours of Whitney residence hall recreation room and model room year round in conjunction with the campus  Admissions tour

  • Are students required to live on campus?

    No, we unfortunately do not have enough space for every student who wants to live with us. However, first time freshmen have priority over space and are encouraged to live within our University Housing communities because of the educational environment and for their first year experience.

  • Who supervises the residence halls and University Village?

    Professional Staff members over see each living environment. Live-in staff, all having graduated from college and trained in housing management, are responsible for the overall operation of their communities. There are also student staff (Resident Advisors) who organize activities, advice about university life, and work to build a sense of community amongst residents.

  • What kinds of policies and regulations will I need to follow?

    We want our communities to be a place where our residents can grow and develop. Community standards and specific regulations about alcohol, noise, and smoking are designed to set expectations, encourage individual responsibility, and be cost effective in order to keep the housing rates as low as possible. Full statements are contained in the University Housing License Agreement and in our Community Standards. Please note, the use of tobacco in a form or smoking any other substance is prohibited on campus. 

  • Can I bring a micro (mini) fridge/microwave?

    Students can rent a Micro Fridge with safe plug and smoke sensor from our approved vendor, Collegiate Concepts(opens in new window). This Micro Fridge is equipped with safe plug technology that provides protection against circuit overloads for user safety and convenience, 1st Defense Smoke Sensor that is in the microwave and automatically shuts off operations and alerts the user of smoke before any damage is done, and a USB charging station.

    Micro Fridges may be rented by visiting the Collegiate Concepts(opens in new window) website. Students will also receive an email from University Housing in early July with a link to rent a micro fridge for the academic year.

  • When will Housing charges be placed on my student account?

    For those who have a room and meal assignment, charges will be assessed the first week of July. Continue to check your Wildcat email for updates. For specific rates and due dates, see costs.

  • Is Renter's Insurance required?

    No, we do not require renter's insurance. However, it is highly recommanded. You have an option to purchase ranter's insurance through our partner at  GradGuard(opens in new window) during your housing application or purchase directly by visiting the GradGuard(opens in new window) website and search for "CSU Chico".

Wait List

  • What if I end up on the wait list?

    Often the demand to live with University Housing exceeds our capacity. Room assignments are based on first come first serve from the date that you submitted your initial housing payment. You will receive an email to your Wildcat email letting you know if you are placed on the wait list. The email will let you know your number on the wait list. Wait lists are based on your gender identity and your classification (first time freshman or other).

    Once placed on the wait list you may check your spot on the wait list at any time by going to the Resident Center

    • Click on the menu on the left-hand side of the top of the resident center.
    • Click on your name (this is your My Details page). On this page you will be able to see your wait list status, room assignment, meal plan, and more at any time.
  • How long will I be on the wait list?

    CSU, Chico University Housing realizes and acknowledges the burden some of our students face as the academic year approaches and their housing is not yet settled. The University Housing office works rigorously prior to Move-In Day to confirm that students who have received a bed space will be moving in. This continues through Move-In Day and into the two weeks following in which continual surveys of the housing community are done to collect accurate numbers of possible “no-shows” so that spaces can then be offered to the students on the wait list.

    After Move-in Day, applicants on the wait list will be assigned a space and contacted by email when a space becomes available.

    Please Note:

    There is no guarantee that a specific building or room type will become available, however, it is possible to request a room change after moving in.

    Students on the wait list who have not received a confirmation and assignment should not attend Move-In Day.

    Housing does not maintain temporary or emergency housing spaces for students on the wait list. Therefore, students will need to find off-campus housing while they remain on the wait list.

  • I do not want to remain on the wait list. How do I cancel?

    Students on the wait list may request a cancellation. You will not receive a refund of the Initial Housing Payment upon cancellation of your Housing Application. (Please see Cancellations below for the deadlines and cancellation submission requirements).

No-Guest Period

  • What is No-Guest Period

    During no-guest time periods, no guests are permitted in any University Housing community, Sutter Dining or Sutter Late Night. All students with meal plans must have their University ID to enter these locations.

  • Labor Day

    Thursday, August 29, 2019, at 8 p.m. through Tuesday, September 3, 2019, at 8 a.m.

  • Halloween

    Thursday, October 24, 2019, at 8 p.m. through Sunday, November 3, 2019, at 8 a.m.

  • Cesar Chavez

    Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 8 p.m. through Wednesday, April 1, 2020, at 8 a.m.

  • Breaks

    During Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break, guests are not permitted in University Village and Konkow communities.

Break Closures

Whitney, Shasta, Lassen, Sutter, Esken and Mechoopda halls.

  • Fall Closures

    Fall Break: 6 p.m. Friday, November 22, 2019 through 9 AM Sunday, December 1, 2019. Winter Break: 6 p.m. Friday, December 20, 2019 through 9 a.m. Friday, January 17, 2020. NOTE: Licensees must vacate the residential community 24 hours after their last final exam or when the residence halls officially close, whichever comes first..

  • Spring Closures

    Spring Break: 6 p.m. Friday, March 13, 2020 through 9 AM Sunday, March 22, 2020

  • Summer Closures

    6 PM. on Friday, May 15, 2020. NOTE: Licensees must vacate the residential community 24 hours after their last final exam or when the residence halls officially close, whichever comes first.

Roommates and Assignments

  • What if I know someone I want to live with?

    As part of the application process, students have the opportunity to invite other residents to be their roommate. The Roommate Matching process is available for students with complete housing applications. Students who want to invite another student to be roommates, or be invited, can consider compatibility and similarities beforehand. To read more about our roommate matching process, please see How To Apply.

  • Will I know who my roommate is before I move in?

    Yes, if you participate in the roommate matching process in fall or UH matches you with a roommate you will be able to view your roommate once you have been assignment a room.

  • When will I know my room assignment?

    Room assignments will begin in June 2019 for students who completed their application by May 31, 2019

    The first batch of room assignment notifications will be sent at 2 p.m. on June 19, 2019, and will continue in additional batches approximately every two weeks throughout the summer.

    You will receive a room assignment based on how early you completed your application. Students who did not complete the application by May 31, 2019, will receive room assignments later in the summer.

  • When will I know who my roommate is?

    You can view your bed space, meal plan, and roommate information in the Resident Center:

    1. Click on “Apply for Housing”
    2. Choose your term
    3. On the Next Step Selection Page, choose “Room and Meal Plan Summary”
    4. You will be able to view your room space, meal plan, and roommate(s) as well as directly send your roommate(s) a message
  • Prior to Move In -What if I do not like my room assignment?

    After June 26, 2019 at 2 PM you will be able to go into the Resident Center:

    • Click “Requests” on the bar across the top of the screen.
    • Select “Request Reassignment”.

    Please take the time to consider if a reassignment is truly what you want, you will only be allowed to submit one request and no changes to the request will be allowed. The University Housing Assignments Team will do all they can to accommodate your request as space becomes available. If your reassignment request has not been granted by Move In, you will need to submit a new request on September 9, 2019. There is a freeze on room movements for the first two weeks of the semester.

  • After Move In –What if I do not like my room assignment or roommate?

    Beginning September 9, 2019 at 9 AM, reassignment may once again be requested via the Resident Center:

    • Click “Requests” on the bar across the top of the screen
    • Select “Request Reassignment”

    If a space is available that meets your housing needs and eligibility, you can be reassigned. Please take the time to consider if a reassignment is truly what you want, you will only be allowed to submit one request and no changes to the request will be allowed. After submitting the reassignment request, the student will then be contacted by a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC).

  • Why is there a reassignment request freeze during the first two weeks of the semester?

    The first two weeks of the semester are a busy time for students and University Housing. University Housing rigorously working through Move-In Day and into the two weeks following to perform continual surveys of the housing community to collect accurate numbers of possible “no-shows” so that spaces can then be offered to the students on the wait list.

    Ensuring that as many students on the wait list receive a bed space is the priority during this time. At the end of the first two weeks of semester reassignment requests open back up and the priority can shift to reassignments.

What's Next

  • How can I apply for University Housing?

    To apply for University Housing, you will first need to be admitted to the University. You are strongly encouraged to preview the 2018-2019 License Agreement (PDF) and Community Standards (PDF) before applying.

    Visit the How to Apply page for information on the application process.

  • How do I preference which residential community I want to live in?

    You will be able to indicate a preference as part of your University Housing application, and doing so is a personal choice. Whether you want the energy of living in Whitney, the more intimate residential experience of North Campus or the more independent style of University Village, we have an option for you.

  • What is the cost of living in University Housing?

    We have our housing rates for the 2019-2020 academic year posted on our website under the "How To Apply" tab. Each student who submits a housing application will also be required to make a license charge payment. The license charge of $300 is applied to the TOTAL academic year room and meal plan costs. Financial Aid awardees are also required to submit the license charge payment. This payment must be paid for an application to be complete.

  • How do I pay for housing?

    All payments are made through the Student Financial Services department. If you have been awarded Financial Aid you can check with the Financial Aid Office to see if any of your award will be applied toward your housing fees.

Amenities and Furnishings

  • What is furnished in a University Housing room?

    Each student will have an extra-long twin bed (36" x 80"), desk with chair, trash can, storage drawers, and closet space. University Village and Konkow have a table and chairs in the dining area as well as a refrigerator, stove, and microwave in the kitchen. At University Village, there are no cooking or food serving items provided.

  • Do I have cable TV?

    We provide cable services through XFINITY On Campus by Comcast at no additional costs.  The XFINITY service allows content to stream through devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.  In addition, each room is equipped with a cable outlet for those who prefer to watch content using a television.  Premium subscriptions to HBO or Showtime can be purchased separately. 

    View the XOC Channel Lineup (PDF).

  • Are there laundry facilities in University Housing?

    All of our communities are equipped with accessible laundry facilities. The washers and dryers are run by each student's personal laundry card .These laundry cards will be provided to students. You will be able to load funds onto the laundry card with either cash or debit/credit card from the add/value stations within each community. The current cost is $1.00 to wash and $1.00 to dry (costs are subject to change.)

  • Are there computer labs in the residence halls and the University Village apartments?

    Along with a variety of computing services on campus, there is a computer lab in each community. All of the computers in the labs have a connection to the campus network. Lab computers have direct access to free black and white printing.

  • What should I bring?

    We suggest you bring almost anything that will make you feel at home in your room. You don't need to bring much—see What to Bring to School (PDF)

  • Where do I pick up my mail?

    There are mailboxes in each living community. You will be assigned a mailbox when you move in. There is one mailbox per room, so unless you are living in a single room, the mailbox will be shared with your roommate(s). The mail is delivered to each community, Monday through Saturday, and placed in each mailbox by the mail staff.

    • Packages for students living in Shasta, Lassen, Sutter, North Campus and Whitney are delivered to the Whitney mail room.
    • Packages for University Village residents are delivered to the University Village mail room. 
  • How far is University Village located from campus?

    University Village is a leisurely (less than a mile) bike ride or walk from campus. Housing also provides a shuttle for UV residents to and from class on the main campus, this shuttle runs Monday through Thursday (PDF) and has a separate schedule for Fridays (PDF).

    This shuttle also takes students to the Chico State Farm on academic days.

  • What should I do before I move out?

    You are required to return your room to the same condition as it was upon move-in. To avoid damage and cleaning charges, we recommend that you remove all of your belongings, remove trash and clean your room before you check-out. Here are some Move-out Cleaning Tips (PDF) for you.

  • Are there any other charges?

    When item(s) in bedrooms are identified with damage(s) and there is no record of pre-existing damage recorded at the time you checked into the space – then resident(s) assigned to the room/apartment is/are responsible for the cost of repair/replacement of damaged item(s). You can find more details in the Damage Billing Information page. University Housing reserves the right to assess the cost for repairs to common areas (hallways, lounges, restrooms, etc.) and distribute charges to all residents of a floor or building. 

  • How can I change my room assignment?

    Space is varied across campus so not all first preferences will be met. If after you receive your room assignment you want to submit an Assignment Update Request, you can do so between June 15 - July 15 for the following reasons: 

    • Different Community (e.g., "If a space becomes available in ____Hall, I would like to live there.")
    • Accommodation (e.g., "I want to be on a lower floor.")
    • Room Type (e.g., "I'm in a triple, but if available would like to have a double.")
    • Living-Learning Community interest (e.g., "I want to live in a living-learning community.")
    • University Village mini-meal plan availability (e.g., "I would like to move to UV so I have a greater chance at finding a parking space for my car.")

    If you enter a request and we can accommodate, you will automatically be reassigned, with the new space becoming your permanent assignment. Students who enter a request cannot make a second request so please be certain.

  • Can I move out after one semester?

    Our license agreement is for the entire academic year when signing up for the Fall. Transfers coming into the Spring semester are eligible for one semester leases. For details and exceptions regarding early license release, please refer to Section VI of the 2018-2019 License Agreement (PDF)


  • When is Move-In?

    Move In is August 21 and August 22, 2019. Below are the Move-In days listed by building/floor and community.

    Wednesday, August 21 at 7:30am

    • Konkow (All Houses)
    • Whitney floors 6-9
    • Sutter North floors 4-5
    • Shasta floors 1 and 3
    • Lassen floor 3
    • University Village odd building numbers, Ag building, and returning residents

    Thursday, August 22 at 7:30am

    • Esken floors 1-2
    • Mechoopda floors 1-2
    • Whitney floors 2-5
    • Sutter North floors 2-3
    • Sutter South floors2-3
    • Shasta floor 2
    • Lassen floors 1-2
    • University Village even building numbers

    More move in details (including directions, parking, etc.) will be emailed in early August.

  • Where do I check in?

    You will check in at the specific building/community to which you were assigned.


Please refer to the University Housing License Agreement 2019-2020 Terms and Conditions (PDF) Section IV. Cancellation of License Agreement.
  • How do I submit a Cancellation Prior to July 1, 2019?

    To submit a cancellation, log into the Resident Center:

    • Navigate to the “Resident Requests” located on the top menu bar
    • Select Cancellation Request

    The Licensee will forfeit their $300 initial housing payment upon cancellation.

  • How do I submit a Cancellation After July 1, 2019?

    Any Licensee who wishes to terminate the License Agreement shall complete the Request to Cancel Housing License Agreement form located in the Resident Center:

      • Navigate to the “Resident Requests” located on the top menu bar
      • Select Cancellation Request

    The Cancellation Request shall be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of the intended termination date (to provide at least thirty (30) days’ written notice) The reason for cancellation is limited to the cancellation standards noted below:

    Cancellation Standards

    • End of student status at CSU, Chico
    • University approved/sponsored academic commitment located off campus such as Study Abroad, student teaching, or required internship
    • Marriage (Copy of marriage certificate required)
    • Military Service (Copy of military orders should be attached)
    • Unexpected Hardship -Unexpected situation which has occurred since signing License Agreement. Approval is at discretion of University Housing. Examples of unexpected hardships which may be considered include significant loss of family income, loss of family home, serious illness, or death of family member (supporting documentation will be required)

    Cancellation Requests made due to circumstances not listed above by Cancellation Standards may be approved if University Housing has a wait list and can easily fill your assigned space or spot in the assignment process.

    Approved Cancellation: If the request for cancellation is granted by the University, the financial obligation to the Licensee may include:

    • Forfeiture of $300 initial housing payment.
    • Prorated rent charges for dates of occupancy (including the thirty (30) day notice period if applicable). Rental fees are determined by a daily prorated rate.
    • Prorated meal plan charges based on dates of occupancy. Licensee is responsible for arranging and completing all necessary check-out procedures with appropriate University Housing staff.

    Denied Cancellation: If the request for cancellation is denied, the Licensee is responsible for paying all fees outlined in the License Agreement. Abandonment of the premises is not a release of financial obligation to the Licensee. (Refer to “Treatment of Indebtedness” Section X. of the University Housing License Agreement 2019-2020 Terms and Conditions (PDF).)

Meal Plan

  • How can I check the balance on my meal plan?

    You are able to check your balance every time you swipe your card at the dining hall, the marketplace and other eateries on campus.

  • Can I purchase additional meals? Can I purchase a meal plan if I live off campus?

    Yes. You can purchase additional meals and/or REDD$ through Dining Services (530) 898-5962

  • If I have the mini meal plan can I upgrade to a larger plan? 

    Residents in University Village and Konkow have the option of upgrading from the mini meal plan to one of our three larger meal plans (Chico, Bidwell, or Wildcat). Upgrading from a mini plan to one of our larger meal plans will cost an additional $1,027 per semester. Meal plan changes can be requested prior to the upcoming semester, check the Resident Center for these important dates.

  • When can I change my Meal Plan?

    All students who live with University Housing are required to have a meal plan. Students who live in University Village or Konkow (both are equipped with full kitchens facilities) are required to purchase at a minimum, the Mini Meal Plan. Students in all other communities must select one of the three full meal plans, Chico, Bidwell, or Wildcat. By default, students are assigned the Bidwell plan, but will have the opportunity to select a different meal plan during the meal plan change period.

    Students will be notified via email by July 31, 2019, that they can submit meal plan change in the Resident Center during the period of August 1 through August 15. In the Resident Center:

    • Click “Resident Requests” from the top menu bar
    • Click Meal Plan Change

    No Meal Plan changes can be requested after August 15. Please remember to check the meal plan rates prior to submitting a meal plan change.


  • Should I bring my car to school?

    Since parking is very limited in Chico, students are encouraged to bring bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or scooters to campus and leave their cars at home. An extremely limited number of parking permits are available for students who live in Whitney, Sutter, Shasta, Lassen, Mechoopda, Esken, and Konkow. These parking permits are distributed through a lottery process. You may enter the lottery through your housing application.

    If you must bring your car to campus, you may want to consider living in University Village. UV offers students much more parking availability than on campus parking. UV permits are also distributed through a lottery process. Please note that University Village parking permits are not valid in the on-campus parking lots, and UV residents may not purchase G parking permits.  You can find parking information at Student Financial Services > Parking.

  • What transportation services are offered?

    There is a free bus service to and from campus available every 30 minutes on academic days from the B-Line Bus, our local public bus system.

    There is also Campus Connection Shuttle, a shuttle service provided FREE of charge by the University Police Department to the campus community as an alternative to walking on campus at night. Campus Connection has a stop at University Village to provide our residents a safe way to get home from campus at night.

    University Village students can utilize the University Village (UV) Bus, leaving UV every 30 minutes to transport students to classes on the main campus as well as the Chico State Farm.

  • Why is there a parking lottery?

    Parking for University Housing residents is EXTREMELY limited.

    The B parking lot is only for residence hall students and the only campus lot that allows for overnight parking. B parking permits are extremely limited and are sold by the University exclusively through the University Housing Parking Lottery. There is a fee associated with a B Lot parking permit.

    At University Village, there are about 300 spaces for the nearly 700 UV residents, and there are only about 260 spaces for the other 1600 residents in the other communities.

    The Parking Lottery is the only method for an opportunity to purchase a space for your car. If you do not win the option to purchase a parking permit, it is advised that you leave your car at home. Overnight parking is not permitted in the general parking lots. If you absolutely need to bring a vehicle, consider living at University Village. Parking is still very limited there, but it is more available there than for any other community.

    Please do not enter the Parking Lottery "just in case". Many residents have a genuine need to have a vehicle, such as a medical need or other responsibilities outside of Chico.

    Parking lottery results are based on your assigned bed space and will be sent to your Wildcat email by the first week of August. Residents who are assigned after 7/31 will NOT be eligible for the parking lottery.

  • When will winners of the parking lottery be notified?

    University Housing will notify students regarding their parking lottery status on August 1, 2019. Winners of the parking lottery will be given a priority purchase period from August 6, 2019 at 9:00 AM through August 12, 2019 at 9:00 AM to purchase a permit. All un-purchased permits will go on sale August 13, 2019 at 9:00 AM to the general University Housing resident population.