University Housing

Fall Move In

Check out this fun move-in video from 2019! 


  • When is Move-In?

    Move In is August 16 & 17 from 8am - 4pm.  If you student cannot arrive during those days and times they can arrive after 5pm on the 16th or 17th or any time Friday — Sunday, August 18-20th.

  • Am I allowed to move in at any time?

    No, you will be given select days to choose from based on the community that you are assigned to.  

  • Where do you recommend purchasing a linen set from?

    University Housing is happy to partner with SWAKU, who offers linens that can be shipped directly to our mail room prior to move in.  Details will be emailed to you this Summer.

  • What should I bring with me to live with University Housing?

    We have a list of What to Bring (PDF) item suggestions for you. Make sure you only bring enough for the Fall semester. You can always buy more items later.

  • Can I bring a mini fridge or microwave?

    No, you cannot bring your own mini-fridge or microwave. University Housing will be providing a Micro-Chill (mini fridge/microwave combo) in every room with the exception of University Village and Konkow. The Micro-Chill will be provided at no additional cost.

  • On move-in day, where will I go to check in?

    It depends on your community!  

    Students assigned to Shasta, Lassen, Éstom Jámani, Esken, Mechoopda, or Konkow will park in a G parking lot (General Parking Stadium lot is closest) when they arrive.  There will be a tent with Move-In Carts available for you to borrow to assist you with loading your belongings in the -General Stadium Parking lot, then proceed at the front desk of your building to check in.  Cars may park in the General Parking Stadium Lot stalls on your assigned move in day from AM – PM.  All vehicles must be removed by PM.  Please only bring one vehicle that you intend to park in this lot per student!

    Any student who has purchased a Residential Parking Permit (B Lot Permit) should park the vehicle they registered with that permit in a B Lot Parking area ONLY.  These are the only areas that cards may be parked overnight.

    Students assigned to University Village should proceed to University Village (1206 West Sacramento Ave) and enter through the gate.  Cars may temporarily park at University Village without purchasing a parking permit during Move In.  Any vehicles left overnight must have purchased a University Village semester Parking Permit. Once parked please proceed to the University Village desk located in the South Community Building (see UV map (PDF)) to check in

  • How many people can I bring to help move me in?

    On move-in day you may bring two people who can physically assist you in moving your belongs into your community. You will be able to swap out designated helpers. All support people must wear surgical or KN95 masks while inside our communities.

  • Can I bring my pets to move-in?

    We ask that you please leave your pets at home. It can get incredibly hot and we want to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience without having to worry about Fido!

  • Do I need to bring anything if I'm under 18?

    No, but we advise you to visit the WellCat Health Center's website and download the forms needed for minors. You should also visit the WREC's website and download their forms (PDF) for minors as well!

Roommates and Assignments

  • What if I know someone I want to live with?

    All students that have a University Housing confirmed bed space for Fall 2023, will be invited to our roommate matching in May.  Students will have the opportunity to message other students and request a roommate.  Roommate requests are not guaranteed, but University Housing will try to accommodate roommate requests.

  • When will I know my room assignment?

    The initial release of priority lottery results will begin mid to late April 2023. You will be notified at this time if you have a confirmed space with University Housing.  In the event you did not win the Priority Lottery you will be notified that you have been placed on the waitlist.  Oftentimes students on the waitlist end up getting a bed space with University Housing.

    Our first wave of assignment notifications will begin around mid-June 2023. These will continue approximately every two weeks. You will only find out your community and room type at this time.

  • Prior to Move In -What if I do not like my room assignment?

    We always suggest trying out the community you were placed in first! However, starting in mid-June 2023, you can request a room reassignment. Please note that reassignment requests are not guaranteed.

    • Click “Requests” on the bar across the top of the screen.
    • Select “Request Reassignment”.

    Please take the time to consider if a reassignment is truly what you want,  you will only be allowed to submit one request and no changes to the request will be allowed. The University Housing Assignments Team will do all they can to accommodate your request as space becomes available. If your reassignment request has not been granted by Move-In, you will need to submit a new request once you've moved to campus. There is a freeze on room movements for the first two weeks of the semester.

  • After Move In –What if I do not like my room assignment or roommate?

    Beginning early September reassignment may once again be requested via the Resident Center:

    • Click “Requests” on the bar across the top of the screen
    • Select “Request Reassignment”

    If a space is available that meets your housing needs and eligibility, you can be reassigned. Please take the time to consider if a reassignment is truly what you want,  you will only be allowed to submit one request and no changes to the request will be allowed. After submitting the reassignment request, the student will then be contacted by a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC).


Please refer to the University Housing License Agreement 2022-2023 Terms and Conditions (PDF) Section IV. Cancellation of License Agreement. Any student who wishes to terminate the License Agreement is responsible for completing the Cancellation Request located in the Resident Center. 

Notifying any other university office does NOT satisfy the Licensee's obligation to submit a Cancellation Request via the University Housing Resident center.

  • How do I submit a Cancellation Prior to July 18, 2023?

    To submit a cancellation, log into the Resident Center:

    • Navigate to the “Resident Requests” located on the top menu bar
    • Select Cancellation Request

    Your $300 initial housing payment is non-refundable.

  • How do I submit a Cancellation After July 18, 2023?

    Any Licensee who wishes to terminate the License Agreement shall complete the Request to Cancel Housing License Agreement form located in the Resident Center:

      • Navigate to the “Resident Requests” located on the top menu bar
      • Select Cancellation Request

    The Cancellation Request shall be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of the intended termination date (to provide at least thirty (30) days’ written notice) The reason for cancellation is limited to the cancellation standards noted below:

    Cancellation Standards

    • End of student status at CSU, Chico
    • University approved/sponsored academic commitment located off campus such as Study Abroad, student teaching, or required internship
    • Marriage (Copy of marriage certificate required)
    • Military Service (Copy of military orders should be attached)
    • Unexpected Hardship -Unexpected situation which has occurred since signing License Agreement. Approval is at discretion of University Housing. Examples of unexpected hardships which may be considered include significant loss of family income, loss of family home, serious illness, or death of family member (supporting documentation will be required)

    Cancellation Requests made due to circumstances not listed above by Cancellation Standards may be approved if University Housing has a wait list and can easily fill your assigned space or spot in the assignment process.

    Approved Cancellation: If the request for cancellation is granted by the University, the financial obligation to the Licensee may include:

    • Forfeiture of $300 initial housing payment.
    • Prorated rent charges for dates of occupancy. Rental fees are determined by a daily prorated
    • Thirty (30) day notice charge determined by the daily rate of the room type, if applicable.
    • Prorated meal plan charges based on dates of occupancy.

    Licensee is responsible for arranging and completing all necessary check-out procedures with appropriate University Housing staff

    Denied Cancellation: If the request for cancellation is denied, the Licensee is responsible for paying all fees outlined in the License Agreement. Abandonment of the premises is not a release of financial obligation to the Licensee. (Refer to “Treatment of Indebtedness” Section X. of the University Housing License Agreement 2022-2023 Terms and Conditions (PDF).)