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Personalizing Your Room

Linens & Care Packages

Our Campus Marketing provides residents with linens to fit our XL Twin beds as well as a Care Package program to help spoil your resident. 

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Ben with linen

mini fridge

MicroFridge Collegiate Concepts  

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MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® is the original combination appliance, designed for the collegiate environment. Hundreds of thousands of students nationwide have enjoyed the convenience of a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® in their rooms.  

MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® is approved by your school because it's safe. There are no exposed heating elements and MicroFridge® with Safe Plug®'s patented internal circuitry is designed to reduce energy consumption. PLUS, we provide FREE pick up and delivery to your campus.

Microfridge is the only fridge or microwave that is allowed in University Housing. 

Students are not allowed to bring their own. Microfridge are available for all residence halls except University Village and the Konkow Houses.  

Only one Microfridge is allowed in each room.  The first resident to reserve must pay the entire rental fee and then work out an arrangement with their roommate.  We encourage you to reserve yours today - leave your room blank if you have not received an assignment.  If your roommate has already reserved a fridge your money will be refunded.