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Center for Agricultural Leadership (CAL):  Theme Housing

Mission--To provide a supportive environment for freshmen agriculture students:  to develop their leadership abilities; to foster academic success; to establish a strong identity with the College of Agriculture and with the agricultural industry; and, to enhance opportunities for these students to develop strong relationships with those who share similar career objectives.  It is hoped that these students will become:  mentors, role models, leaders, agricultural ambassadors, and program builders for the College and industry.

Goals--Keeping with the mission of CAL theme housing, the goals are to: 

  • have a resident advisor (RA) who is an agriculture/agricultural business major with significant leadership experience;
  • conduct one leadership-related activity per month coordinated with the theme housing RA. This may include field trips, planning and participating in special events, and attending community/industry programs;
  • Ensure that all CAL participants are enrolled in a College of Agriculture class in both fall in spring semesters;
  • engage in appropriate social activities with other organized groups;
  • ensure appropriate academic support activities;
  • involve faculty and staff in CAL activities;
  • monitor the progress of all CAL participants.


  • 24 students will reside at CAL—23 incoming freshmen plus one (RA);
  • The students will be organized in cluster groups of like gender;
  • One-year commitment is expected from all participants;
  • Each member must participate in all CAL activities;
  • There will advising support from the College of Agriculture peer mentors.

Selection of Students and RA—A formal application process will be used to determine the best candidates.  The applicants are required to submit the formal application through housing and indicate that they are interested in our Theme House. All applicants will be reviewed by the RA, the Program Coordinator, the Success Office and at least one other faculty member.

Selection Criteria:  CAL participants will be selected based on:

  • Grade point average
  • SAT/ACT test scores
  • EOP status
  • Socioeconomic background

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