Human Resources Service Center

"Avoiding Bias in Hiring” Training


Dear Colleagues,

As you are likely aware, the Chico State student population has become increasingly diverse in recent years. Over half of our students will be the first generation in their families to earn a college degree, and over half are Pell Grant eligible and identify as students of color. Increasing the diversity of our workforce to more closely reflect these changing student demographics remains a priority, and several initiatives have been implemented to achieve this goal. For example, since 2015 an “Avoiding Bias in Hiring” training has been offered for faculty and staff —and over 450 employees have completed it. This 2-hour training program aims to ensure equity throughout recruitment and selection processes so that we may attract a diverse pool of applicants and hire the most qualified individuals to facilitate student success. All members of tenure-track faculty search committees are required to complete the training; it is now time to turn our attention to staff searches.

Beginning in January 2020, all staff and MPP search committee chairs and hiring managers must complete the “Avoiding Bias in Hiring” training before launching a search. Given the volume of staff and MPP recruitments, several training sessions will be scheduled for fall 2019 to ensure hiring managers and committee chairs have ample opportunity to complete the training. Faculty are welcome to attend these sessions. Professional Development’s Inclusive Excellence page provides details about the training, sessions, and how to view your certificate of completion, as well as a completion report link.

“Avoiding Bias in Hiring” training is just one program that aims to increase the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce positioned to contribute to the new University Strategic Plan Priorities and Enduring Commitments of our campus. Thank you for your commitment to student success!


Ann Sherman, Vice President for Business and Finance
Chela Mendoza Patterson, Acting Chief Diversity Officer