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Human Resources Service Center

Position Description Library

Human Resources is excited to offer a new tool to campus: an online position description library! Use the in new window) shortcut to view your current position description, as well as PD's of employees who report to you.

This virtual library contains the most current position descriptions for active staff and management employees in state-supported positions. While the project is a work-in-progress, Human Resources decided to launch the PD Library now in order to provide this important virtual service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The position descriptions are viewable and printable, but not yet editable. Some PD's are not yet uploaded, and we ask for your patience and partnership as we work to finish the first phase of the project.

This collaboration was made possible through the creativity and hard work of multiple partners in Application Data Services (ADS), Business Information Technology Services (BITS), HR Information Systems (HRIS), and the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC). Questions about - or requests for updates in - the PD Library can be forwarded to