Human Resources Service Center

Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP)

Faculty members who are interested in the FERP Program should review the Office of Academic Personnel FERP web page.

Service retirement must begin concurrently with, or prior to, the beginning of the campus academic year in which FERP participation will begin. The faculty member must initiate the service retirement process no more than 90 days before retirement date.

Additional Information

  • When you become a participant of the FERP program and a CalPERS retiree, your health benefits will be administered by CalPERS and they will become your Health Benefits Officer for your health benefits. CalPERS may be reached at 888 225-7377 or CalPERS website(opens in new window).
  • As a FERP participant, you and your eligible dependents are entitled to enhanced dental and basic vision benefits at no cost. You will automatically be enrolled by the Benefits Office.
  • Once your 5-year FERP appointment has ended, or you are no longer participating in the program, your dental benefits will be reduced to the basic level of care. You will no longer be enrolled in the vision plan, but will be given the opportunity to enroll in a retiree vision plan through VSP.
  • 403b, 401k and 457b contributions can be made from your FERP pay. Due to time constraints at the State Controller’s Office, no contributions can be made from your first FERP pay warrant.
  • FERP participants are eligible for Fee Waiver benefits during their teaching semesters. Under the Fee Waiver program, FERP participants may take classes themselves or transfer their benefit to a spouse or eligible dependent who meet all of the normal requirements of this benefit program. For more information regarding the Fee Waiver program, visit Fee Waiver Program for CSU, Chico Employees web site.
  • If you have questions regarding the Faculty Early Retirement Program, please contact the Office of Academic Personnel at 898-5029.
  • Questions regarding pay earned during FERP participation may be directed to the Payroll Office at 898-6771.
  • Contact the Benefits Office at 898-5436 for questions regarding your dental and vision plans while participating in FERP.
  • For questions regarding CalPERS retirement while participating in FERP, please contact the CalPERS Regional Office at 888-225-7377.