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Dental Plans

When it comes to choosing a dental plan, you want benefits that fit the needs of you and your family. Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare USA both offer comprehensive dental coverage, quality care and excellent customer service. Dental premiums are fully-paid by the CSU.

There are two dental plan options.

Delta Dental PPO, Group Number 4018

Delta Dental PPO, a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan, provides access to the largest PPO dentist network in the U.S. Delta Dental PPO dentists agree to accept reduced fees for covered procedures when treating PPO patients. This means your out-of-pocket costs are usually lower when you visit a PPO dentist than when you visit a non-Delta Dental dentist, but you have the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, anywhere in the world.

Delta Dental PPO
PO Box 997330
Sacramento, CA 95899
Delta Dental Website(opens in new window)
  • Large network of providers
  • Visit the dentist of your choice
  • Pay less when you visit a dentist from the Delta Dental PPO network
  • No claim forms when you visit Delta Dental network providers
  • Deductible and coinsurance for some services

DeltaCare USA, Group Number 2034

DeltaCare USA is a prepaid plan that features set compartments, no annual deductibles and no maximums for covered benefits. In California, enrollees must select a primary care dentist in the DeltaCare USA network from whom they receive treatment as in a traditional dental HMO. There are six providers in the Chico area. To search for other providers in California or Butte County please visit the DeltaCare website.

DeltaCare USA
PO Box 997330
Sacramento, CA 95899
Delta Dental Website(opens in new window)
  • Small network of providers
  • Must choose a primary dental care provider from DeltaCare USA network list
  • No claim forms
  • No deductible, many services covered at 100%

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