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Conflict of Interest Prevention

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What is Conflict of Interest?

Conflict of interest occurs when professional duties and personal interests intersect, putting a person in a position to personally benefit from a decision made as part of his or her job duties. As public employees, California State University (CSU) employees are subject to various conflict-of-interest-related laws and regulations.

The primary California legislative document governing conflicts of interest is the Political Reform Act of 1974 (the Act), which prohibits public employees from making, participating in making, or in any way attempting to use their official position to influence a governmental decision in which they know, or have reason to know, they have a financial interest. This applies to all CSU employees. Primary responsibility is placed upon the individual employee to be familiar with the requirements of the Act. In addition, if CSU employees have a personal financial interest in a university decision, they are required to publicly announce the financial interest and disqualify themselves from involvement in the decision. CSU employees should also be sensitive to the appearance of conflict of interest when participating in university decisions, even when a true conflict does not exist.

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