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Form 700U Introduction

Training System Instructions

If you were directed to this page from the Training System

  1. Read this page in its entirety
  2. Close this window
    • Then acknowledge completion in the Training System.
  3. Submit your paperwork
    • You submit paperwork separately using the information below.

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  • Form 700-U Compliance Notice

    If you are a principal investigator [having fiduciary or directorship duties] on a grant or contract, your position is designated, under the California State University's conflict of interest code, as one that requires you to file a Statement of Economic Interests – Form 700-U and complete related training.

  • Form 700-U
    1. Initial awards: The CSU Form 700-U for Principal Investigators is completed during the proposal phase of an award and must be on file with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RESP) at 25 Main St Suite 103, campus zip 0870, prior to “accepting” an award.
      1. Reporting Period: For "initial" statements, before the final acceptance of the contract, grant, or gift, the filer must report investments in and business positions with the sponsor as of the date that the award is made, and income and gifts received from the sponsor within the 12 months prior to the date that the award is made.
    2. Renewed awards: The CSU Form 700-U for Principal Investigators is also completed for award renewals (defined as extended term and additional funding). The completed Form 700U is obtained by RESP.
      1. Reporting Period: For "interim" statements, the filer must submit a statement within 30 days after the contract, grant, or gift is renewed that discloses reportable investments, income and business positions that the filer held or received during the period between the date the initial statement was filed and the date the project contract, grant, or gift was renewed.
  • Online Training

    If you have not already completed the CSU Ethics training online, you will be emailed a training notice. The notice will link you to the CSU Learn to complete “Avoiding Conflicts of Interest(opens in new window)” web-based training. Login in using your campus portal ID and password. 

    When you complete the training, print out the certificate of completion and forward it to the Research Foundation (RF HR). They will file it on the RF COI binder.

    The training system will automatically remind you to complete this training every two years.

    When the Research Foundation (RF HR) determines you no longer have an active award from a non-governmental sponsor, RF HR will un-assign you the related online training.

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