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Return To Campus Plan Revision Control History

Return to Campus Plan

Return to Campus Plan Revision Control
Revision DateDescription
August 20, 2021Update on COVID-19 exposure
July 19, 2021Phase 4: Return to full in person operations update
May 3, 2021Part 1 PDF form replaced with electronic form.
March 30, 2021Phase 3 and 4 language added. Added EOC oversight language. Updated length of notice to return. Requests for early return considered under Phase 2.
January 8, 2021Part 1 Instructions / Employee Review updated - Removed references to "Fall" and "Summer" and replaced the check boxes with fields that would accept dates.
August 11, 2020Revised language on Case Management Procedure - Appendix B
August 6, 2020Revised language regarding vulnerable populations in the Return to Campus plan and Part 1 - Employee Request to Return to Campus.
July 8, 2020Added links to training courses for employees and managers
July 6, 2020Added COVID-19 Hotline section
June 23, 2020
  • Revised language to require face coverings per CDPH guidance.
  • Revised language regarding vulnerable populations
  • Clarified that Deans/Directors/Chairs are responsible for initiating the return to campus process and completing the risk assessment
  • Added COVID hotline phone number and email
  • Added link to CDPH guidance for the use of face coverings
  • Appendix B, COVID-19 Case Management Procedure, clarified WellCat responsibility for exposure control investigation and modified the layout for clarity
  • Appendix C, Return to Campus Request, added Part 1, 2, & 3 as fillable pdf documents
June 09, 2020
  • Revised plan name from “Return to Work” to “Return to Campus”
  • Revised language to consistently use “Return to Campus Request” to describe the process for phasing activities back to campus
  • Revised Appendix B, COVID-19 Case Management Procedure, updated testing sites locations with link to BCPH website
  • Revised Appendix C, Return to Campus Request, added Part A and formatted into a fillable PDF document
May 27, 2020
  • Clarified process for Phased Return to Work Plan to include VP approval
  • Added additional links to CDC guidance
  • Added Appendix A, Highlighted Guidance from CDC on Maintaining Healthy Institutions for Higher Education Environments
  • Added Appendix B, COVID-19 Case Management Procedure
  • Added Appendix C, Departmental Risk Assessment for COVID-19 Template
May 20, 2020Initial Document Distributed