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Human Resources Service Center

Expired Programs

These options are no longer available and provided as information only

Non-Telecommuting Workers Leave (NTWL) - expired 6/30/2020

In accordance with HR Letter 2020-05, NTWL is to provide additional paid leave of up to 304 hours for workers who are not assigned to work on site, who cannot work remotely based on their duties, and who have exhausted the time available to them under COVID Temporary Paid Administrative Leave (CPAL). These hours expire on June 30, 2020, or until such time as the employee is required to return to work, whichever occurs first.

Emergency Pay – Option Expired 5/31/2020


Emergency Pay is a premium payment made to non-exempt CSUEU, Teamsters, and Confidential employees (Units 2, 5, 7, 9, 6, and C99) when they are assigned to perform essential on-campus work during an identified emergency period. If an employee needs to come to campus to get supplies for the purpose of working at home, they are not assigned on-campus work and they do not qualify for emergency pay. However, the act of retrieving supplies still counts as time worked and they must obtain permission from their appropriate administrator prior to coming on campus. 


Non-exempt Employees

All eligible non-exempt employees called to work will be paid emergency pay for all hours worked on campus. The Overtime Form(opens in new window) should be used to track and approve these hours. Email string approvals should include the original email from the employee with the Overtime Form attached and the lead/manager certification and authorization included. Emails with attached Overtime Forms Reports should be forwarded to the department’s Attendance Clerk for the email authorizations to be sent to All certifications and Authorizations can be done through email. Payroll will be using these to issue emergency pay. Accurate accounting of payroll costs is required so emergency pay will be issued in the form of pay rather than applied to a CTO bank.

Exempt Employees

All eligible exempt employees called to work on campus will be paid their normal monthly salary and are ineligible for overtime and/or emergency pay. However, eligible exempt employees required to work on campus on a day or days declared as a state of emergency at a campus, who would otherwise been able to use administrative leave, will be allowed to take informal time off on a date mutually determined by the employee and their manager. Exempt employees are to receive one half-hour of informal time off (an amount equivalent to what non-exempt employees receive) for every hour worked to up to forty hours per week. Managers are responsible for tracking these hours and ensuring the informal time off usage.

Informal Time Off Form for Exempt CSUEU Employees

Please use the Informal Time Off Form for Exempt CSUEU Employees (PDF) to track Informal Time Off earned by exempt CSUEU employees while the Emergency Pay provisions are in effect. This form is a recommended tool for managers to track informal time off earned and used by exempt CSUEU employees. Managers are encouraged to review the form with employee(s) regularly to ensure accuracy of tracking. No additional approvals or submission to HR/Payroll is required.

Department managers must pre-approve all on-campus work and must ensure that the HR Liaisons/Attendance Clerks are aware of the tracking requirements for on-campus work