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Managing Virtually

Below you will find resources and guidance for helping you and your teams through the transition to a new way of working. If there is a recurring issue that you or your team is wrestling with, please submit suggestions for future topics to

FAQ may be sent to (a distribution list to individuals in HR and Labor Relations).

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Guidance for Leaders

Managing employees in a virtual world presents a number of challenges, but there are a wide variety of resources available for consideration.

CSU Learn has Working Virtually bundles, and a new course has been added for CSU managers transitioning to remote work (and supervising) during COVID-19.

Life Matters, our Employee Assistance Program, has special offerings and guidance for managers:

Telecommuting Tasks

Where possible, managers should be assigning meaningful telecommuting opportunities. Samples of tasks that can be accomplished remotely include:

  • Regularly checking email
  • Compliance Training
  • Process guides (review and/or development
  • Online training (see below)
  • Form updates
  • Website reviews (checking links, etc.)
  • Organize Box files
  • Clean/organize email
  • Desk manuals
  • Process mapping
  • Coordination of traditional work activities

Health, Safety, and Ergonomics

Our Environmental Health and Safety(opens in new window) department has provided tips for managers regarding:

  • Essential Ergonomics are important for keeping healthy at home
  • Social Distancing in Offices, Reception Areas, and Other Work Settings

Tech Assistance

You can submit a request for most campus IT Support through the ITSS Service Catalog(opens in new window).

Services used internally by individual Divisions, Colleges and Departments are available through the ITSS College and Department(opens in new window) service link.

Business Services

The Business and Finance Division-Wide Continuity Plan (PDF) outlines how each unit has adjusted processes to function remotely, how staff can be contacted, and what services have been modified or suspended.

Compliance Training

Ensure your team is up-to-date on their compliance training. Managers and Leads can check on their team’s assigned training and run reports through CSU Learn’s Manager Dashboard.

For employees that need help, our campus training website has links to a CSU Learn Knowledge Base(opens in new window) and Quick Guides to get them started.

Virtual Professional Development

You are able to assign online professional development to staff who report to you to be completed as part of the work assignment, and to then assign tasks that demonstrate new skills. You can login to CSU Learn(opens in new window) and search for topics that are relevant and meaningful.

We also have links to online learning for staff to help them adjust to working virtually(opens in new window).

Employee Support

This time has been troubling for all of us. The uncertainty of the situation, the changing home life for many, the concern for those in the community who are facing the risks of the virus every day all contribute to these feelings. Please remind all of your employees (and remind yourself, too), that the Employee Assistance Program remains available. This is a great resource on many topics, so encourage all employees to take advantage of this benefit.

Performance Evaluations

Managers should plan on completing evaluations (and on being evaluated) under normal timelines. Keep in mind that the present circumstances may not represent the full range of an employee’s annual work performance, and don’t let "recency bias" affect your ratings. 

A temporary virtual process for performance evaluations is available on our performance management(opens in new window) site.