Human Resources Service Center

Attendance and Supervision of Student Employees During COVID-19

The Temporary Telecommuting Program applies to student employees (both represented and unrepresented) and they may be allowed to work from home as long as they can deliver effective service. Please do your utmost to keep student employees working.

Resources, Attendance & Timesheet Tracking

  • Students can email the completed copy of their timesheets to their supervisor.
  • Once approved, the supervisor can forward the timesheet to the Attendance Clerk.
  • The Attendance Clerk will enter the time into PeopleSoft timesheet with the appropriate corresponding Time Reporting Code. 

Supervising Student Employees Remotely

Supervisors of student employees are encouraged to:

  • Prepare daily task lists
  • Check in with students during their shifts
  • Have student send follow up email at end of shift