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Human Resources Service Center

Temporary Telecommuting Program

Telecommuting Guidelines & Resources

In compliance with the Temporary Telecommuting Program (PDF), employees who are telecommuting should have completed an Individualized Telecommuting Agreement (PDF) form that is on file, and must complete an Off Campus Use of University Equipment, if taking University owned property off site. The exception is for Instructional Faculty, who do not need to complete the Telecommuting Agreement and should refer to the Instructional Faculty Telecommuting Expectations page for information.

Completed forms should be "signed" (approved via email) and forwarded to for stateside employees. Chico State Enterprise (CSE) has separate instructions and forms as part of their CSE Temporary Telecommuting Program (PDF). Associated Students employees should get the AS Individualized Telecommuting Agreement (PDF) from their supervisor and return it to AS Human Resources at

Virtual Process

Wet Signatures

The University recognizes it may no longer be possible to secure actual signatures on documents. Therefore, until further notice, departments can accept emails from and accounts if physical signatures cannot be obtained. This process is solely for internal approvals. No emails may be sent if they contain level 1 or level 2 data, such as social security numbers, medical records, or bank or credit card information.

  • If a document only requires an employee’s or student’s signatures, the form can be emailed directly from the employee or student to the appropriate office.
  • If a form requires multiple signatures, it will need to be routed via email to each signatory before submitting it to the appropriate office.

Temporary Visits to Campus while Teleworking

If an employee needs to come to campus while teleworking, permission must be obtained from their appropriate administrator prior to coming on campus.

Employee Safety

More information on social distancing can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) website. For questions about PPE or other health and safety topics, please email or call the office at (530) 898-5126 and leave a voice mail.

Managing Virtually

Managing employees in a virtual world presents a number of challenges, but there are a wide variety of resources available for consideration.

Online Professional Development

Working virtually provides an opportunity to learn new skills for your current job. Managers and staff can use this time to identify professional development that can help employees “retool” or find more efficient or effective ways to do old processes. Review the Online Professional Development resources available to make this process easier for you!