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Leave Without Pay

A full-time employee or part-time permanent employee may be granted a full or partial leave of absence without pay (LWOP) for up to one (1) year, including for family or medical reasons. A formal leave without pay is a leave that exceeds 15 workdays. Eligibility is based on the requesting employee’s collective bargaining agreement for represented employees, and on Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations for non-represented employees. Typically, a LWOP for medical or family reasons runs concurrently with:

  • CSU Family Medical Leave (CSU FML)
  • California Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL)
  • Education Code Maternity Leave (ECML)
  • Parental Leave (paid or unpaid)

View Family & Medical Leave Programs page for specific information on these types of leaves.

An employee on a Leave Without Pay for more than one full pay period may elect to continue with fringe benefits at the employee’s expense. CSU benefit plan contributions for health, dental, and vision will continue while an employee is on CSU FML and PDL.

To request a Leave Without Pay, please complete Leave of Absence Without Pay Request(opens in new window) form and forward to your appropriate administrator for consideration.

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