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CHRS Recruiting

CHRS Recruiting went live at Chico State in December 2021

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The California State University system has implemented a new system-wide recruitment platform called CHRS Recruiting. CHRS Recruiting is built on a software platform called PageUp. This new system will allow our campus to streamline our recruitment and onboarding processes. Discover the benefits of CHRS Recruiting in the video below.

Implementation Timeline

Chico State began the process of implementing CHRS Recruiting in the Spring of 2021. Our campus went live with our first recruitment processes in December of 2021.

Current CHRS Recruiting Live Processes

  • Staff & MPP
  • Emergency Hires
  • Tenure-Track Faculty
  • Visiting Professors
  • Temporary Faculty & Lecturers (Including Coaches, Counselors, and Librarians)

Future CHRS Recruiting Processes

  • Executive Searches

Common User Guides

Recruitment Process Details and Support

Staff / MPP - Employment Services - Recruitment & Selection Guidelines

Faculty - Faculty Affairs and Success - Faculty Recruitments

Benefits of CHRS Recruiting

  • Approvals move faster without waiting for paper forms to be routed around, thanks to electronic workflows.
  • Manual workload is decreased since data will automatically upload from PeopleSoft, rather than doing double entry.
  • Applying for a job is easier and more attractive with features such as resume parsing and application via mobile devices.
  • Information is captured and conveniently accessible since all recruiting data is tracked within the system, rather than using outside tools such as Excel.
  • Hiring effectiveness is improved through easy-to-understand analytics.
  • Onboarding new employees is streamlined by using a centralized system including electronic checklists to track the onboarding process.
  • Systemwide reporting is easier and faster thanks to a common system.
  • Implementing CHRS Recruiting was a prerequisite to implementing the larger CHRS project as part of wave 3 that commenced in April 2023.
  • One of the high-level goals for this project was that all campuses are now able to share HR resources.