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Clerical Pool Eligibility List Process (ASA I and ASA II positions)

CSU, Chico has a regular need to fill Administrative Support Assistant I (ASA I) and Administrative Support Assistant II (ASA II) positions on campus. In order to expedite the hiring process, an eligibility list will be established for employment consideration for qualified individuals. The eligibility list will be used to fill emergency, temporary, and probationary ASA I and ASA II positions. Interested parties, not currently employed as staff by CSU, Chico must apply for placement on the eligibility list in order to be considered. The life of the eligibility list will be six (6) months but may be extended up to one (1) year. At the end of the list life, applicants must reapply to reestablish eligibility.

The Clerical Pool Eligibility List is not intended for current CSU, Chico employees. For consideration of temporary and/or probationary positions, current CSU, Chico employees must apply to the position of interest when posted on the CSU, Chico on-line employment system.

Types of Appointments

Temporary and Probationary Appointments

Temporary appointments can be granted for up to one year and may be extended or can expire at any time. These appointments do not serve a probationary period and are not granted permanent status. Please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreements for additional information at Labor and Employee Relations(opens in new window) website.


  1. Complete Request to Fill (See Recruitment and Selection Guidelines and follow through Step 4). Note: When a department recruits for a Probationary or Temporary ASA I or ASA II, the position will be posted as an on-campus only position for two weeks.
  2. After the posting closes, Employment Services will screen for minimum qualifications and all on-campus applicants who meet the minimum qualifications of the position will be transitioned to the Search Committee for screening (Recruitment and Selection Guidelines Step 4).
  3. If the Search Committee feels there is a robust on-campus pool please follow the Recruitment & Selection Guidelines for the next steps.
  4. After viewing on-campus applicant pool, the Search Committee may elect to also review the applicants from the Clerical Pool Eligibility List. Please contact Employment Services. A minimum of (3) three to (5) five applications should be selected for interviews.
  5. Refer to the Recruitment and Selection Guidelines Steps 2-6 for the process.

Emergency/Short Term Appointments

An Emergency/short-term hire shall be made available to a hiring manager under the following circumstances:

Emergency appointments are normally used to cover a peak workload period, an extended absence, or a vacant position during the recruitment process. These appointments can be intermittent, full time, or part time. The use of emergency hires cannot substitute for thoughtful workforce planning. Please see the Emergency Hire Guidelines(opens in new window) to begin the Emergency Hire process.

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