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Founded in 1887, California State University, Chico (CSU, Chico) is one of the oldest post-secondary institutions in California and among the most highly ranked public universities in the West. The university has a record of achieving excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, and service. The academic programs include colleges, schools and centers. Read more about our campus and come be a part of an exciting and vibrant place, where “Today Decides Tomorrow.”

Open Executive Positions

Chief Executive Officer for Chico State Enterprises(opens in new window)

The CEO reports directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (who is also the President of the Corporation), reports to the Corporation’s board of directors, and is accountable to the President of the University. The CEO is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the Corporation, including rebuilding the organization into a modern support unit that efficiently and effectively supports the University’s interests in growing sponsored project activities, research, entrepreneurial and innovative pursuits, and improving/expanding self-support services. The CEO will lead the organization with the assistance of a director of Human Resources, a director of Research, and a director of Business Services

The CEO is the authorized institutional official for all sponsored program activities and supports the entrepreneurial arm of the University and serves as the Chief Research Officer. The CEO leads the organization in day-to-day activities, personally or through subordinates, in developing, implementing, and facilitating all programs, policies, and procedures, and working collaboratively with the staff of the Corporation, grant and sponsored project stakeholders, the University Foundation, and leaders of the University.